Sister Mary Felicity McKeon osm

Five Years ago we began searching the self storage market to find a location where we could store our Historical Archives dating back from 1840.

Our prime concern was for a building was:

  1. Safe from flooding
  2. Prevention from fire
  3. Secure from burglary

After careful consideration we chose Reynolds Self Storage as our supplier.

At Reynolds Depository all storage units are on the 1st to 4th floors so are unlikely to flood. The floors and partitions are of wood but the building has not suffered  from fire in its hundred years of existence. As the storage spaces are not artificially heated, the temperature remains constant, and danger of fires is minimal.

In order to assure security, entrance into the premises may only be had by appointment, with the storage officer who is always most obliging, courteous and helpful. She is also able to advise on the companies experienced in transfer and relocation of archives/antiques.

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