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Storage prices

The table below shows the monthly cost of different sized units, but please get in touch for availability and guidance on what size unit will be suitable.

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We measure our storage units by volume (width x length x height) and charge per cubic foot. Most other storage companies charge by square foot or metre (floor width x floor length), which doesn’t take height into account. We think using volume helps you get a more accurate idea of how much you can stack inside your cubicle.

Our units come in 100 cubic ft intervals from 100 cft to 1,600 cft.

100 cubic ft

15 to 25 removal boxes – some of these units are in the eaves so have slightly less space and are slightly cheaper

£31 to £49.10 per month
200 cubic ft

£74.40 per month
300 cubic ft

Small furniture items

£108.00 per month
400 cubic ft

Contents of a bedroom or dining room

£126.00 per month
500 cubic ft

Small garage

£142.80 per month
600 cubic ft

Luton van

£171.60 per month
700 cubic ft

Contents of a one-bedroom house or flat

£194.40 per month
800 cubic ft

£218.40 per month
900 cubic ft

£249.60 per month
1000 cubic ft

Contents of a two-bedroom house

£284.40 per month
1100 cubic ft

£306.00 per month
1200 cubic ft

£332.40 per month
1300 cubic ft

Contents of a three-bedroom house

£360.00 per month
1400 cubic ft

£382.80 per month
1500 cubic ft

£405.60 per month
1600 cubic ft

Contents of a four-bedroom house

£434.40 per month

Check availability and get a quote

You can call us on 01243 871 200 any time between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

If you'd like to look at our units in person, please get in touch to book an appointment.

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