Boxes & Packaging

To assist you we can supply various packaging, boxes, wraps etc….to give extra protection to your belongings whilst they are in store. Please select from the items below or contact us if you would like to discuss any items in more detail. We have a wealth of experience in the storage of goods, one of our staff will give you more advice if required

Within our self-storage facility we have a range of quality packaging products that can assist you with your move and the storage of your possessions.

Standard Archive Carton with integral lid £2.20
Large Box – Double Walled £2.50
Utility Wardrobe
Mattress Cover 3ft 6in £2.49
Mattress Cover 4ft 6in £2.99
Armchair Cover £2.49
Sofa Cover – 3 Seater Core end with caps £2.99
Bubble Wrap    1500mm- Per Metre £1.00
Bubble Wrap    1200mm- Per Metre £0.75
Bubble Wrap     500mm- Per Metre £0.75
Black Refuse Sacks 20 @   £1.99
Brown Vinyl Packaging Tape 50mm x 66m £1.59
Packaging Tape Hand Held Dispenser 50mm £5.49
Silica Gel sachets 10 kg per sachet – 5 sachets £2.49
Reynolds Packaging Tape – 50mm x 66m per roll £2.50